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Running with Hounds…and an English Degree

D.M. Roberts
April 24, 2022
265 pages


The last place Denise wanted to land after college was back with her folks in her Podunk-nowhere hometown. With only retail experience on her resume, her writing accolades apparently mean nothing except student loan debt.

So when her parents say they’re moving to an adult living community where she’ll be sleeping on the couch, it’s the last straw. Putting her fruitless creative dreams aside, she interviews with a wealthy couple to watch their retired greyhounds. Sounds easy—until she has to win over their animal psychic and learn to cook steak for dogs. The hounds’ raucous antics only highlight how clueless she is at life as she struggles to not only control them, but the direction she’s headed.

That includes her love life. She meets Logan—hot, ambitious, a player—around the same time her twice-over ex, Alex, calls her, ready for a real relationship. Logan claims the world is her playground; Alex says everything she needs is right there. Not knowing what to do, Denise juggles dating both, falling further down an emotional rabbit hole.

Running toward a shady relationship, with retail hell looming, Denise has the summer to figure out her biggest herself. 

Author Bio:

D.M. Roberts is a full-time copy editor and weekend writer who self-published her first novel, Letting Go and Holding On in 2011. Her second novel, Running with Hounds…and an English Degree, was released in April 2022. Originally from Adams, MA, Roberts worked as a reporter and columnist for her hometown newspaper before moving to Worcester to be a copy editor for Gatehouse Media. When the company announced their plans to move, her boyfriend landed a position at Chapman University in Orange, CA, starting two weeks after her last day. So she embarked on a six-day cross-country road trip to reach their SoCal home. There, she works on whatever ideas pop into her head.

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  1. Looks like such a cute read and I’ll definitely be adding it to my list! Really excited to follow along and see what D.M. Roberts has in store next!

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