Blog Tour: Dark Obsessions

Dark Obsessions
Delphine McClelland

June 26, 2022
Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
278 Pages

| | Amazon

Skylar was a Montgomery and with that came power and prestige among the wealthy in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the outside looking in, she had it all, the perfect life. For Skylar, being a Montgomery, a socialite, was not who she wanted to be. Skylar was different, she was weird and a bit of a dreamer. For as long as she could remember, she had an obsession with the supernatural world. Vampires were her favorite of all the supernatural creatures and she could not get enough of them. She read almost every book, watched every movie, and even wished they were real because she had dreams of becoming one. On the annual Montgomery Family Vacation, Skylar’s world was turned upside down. Her life was further changed the moment she laid eyes on him. He was the most intriguing and striking man that she had ever seen. In one night, he would change Skylar’s world forever.

Kairo was in need of a change. After living for over 300 years and always staying one step ahead of the Council of Truth Seekers, a vigilante group whose sole mission in life was to kill all supernaturals. Kairo needed a new scene away from it all. Along his travels, he heard that Charlotte was becoming an epicenter of fun. It was a city full of life and the perfect place for a vampire to hunt without the watchful eye of the Council. From the moment that Kairo stepped foot in Charlotte things were very different for him. The city made every fiber of his being come alive with an energy unlike anything that he had ever known. Kairo would find the source of that energy no matter what it cost him and when he did, his world would change forever.

Winner in the Romance Paranormal/Supernatural category of The 2022 American Fiction Awards

Author Bio:
Delphine McClelland was born in Statesville, North Carolina where she is a graduate of Statesville Senior High School. After graduating from high school she took her dreams and passions to Knoxville, Tennessee where she attended and graduated from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Anthropology. Her career path was set until life happened and on the advice of a co-worker she took her passion for reading and channeled it into writing her first novel Dark Obsessions. For more about Delphine check out her website at

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Blog Tour: Wind

Ellen Dee Davidson

February 1, 2022
Luminare Press
182 Pages | |  |  B&N

A 5 Star Readers’ Favorite, Wind is high fantasy similar to classics like The Wizard of Oz, Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time, with a contemporary environmental twist spiced with bits of mythology. Katie’s adventures begin when both an emotional shake-up in her personal life and an actual earthquake shake her up and she finds herself on another world. Thrust into a dangerous initiation quest, Katie’s only chance to get home is to learn to accept herself and cooperate with an arrogant alien boy. On the journey, the two of them encounter all sorts of extraordinary characters including a shape-shifting tree spirit, water god, and nature devas. But will Katie discover her talent in time to find the elusive and ethereal Winged Ones—the only beings able to take them home?

About Ellen Dee Davidson: 

Being in wild nature fills me with joy and inspiration. I love to snorkel and swim with bright colored fish, climb mountains for an eagle’s view, and sit with the ancient redwood trees near my home in far Northern California. Most of my books share the beauty of nature in some way. Wild Path to the Sacred Heart is a forest bathing memoir that invites readers into an enchanted world. My newest children’s fantasy, Wind, is a page-flipper that dives wholeheartedly into the very real magic and intelligence of trees as well as taking readers on a swashbuckling adventure. I’ve worked as an elementary, creative writing and piano teacher as well as raising two daughters. 

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Blog Tour: Ash and Sun

Ash and Sun
Jonny Thompson

October 4, 2022
Chantry Publishing House
404 pages | Goodreads | Amazon

Book Summary:

After a 200-day suspension, all that Sergeant Adam Jennings wanted was a win on his return to the Global Investigation Bureau (GIB). But when a simple warehouse fire begins to look more like a homicide investigation, he is forced to watch as the entire case begins to unravel, slowly revealing the dark underbelly of a world that should not exist. Saddled with an unwanted new partner, and a tarnished reputation, Jens is forced to tread a thin line between right and wrong as he tries to discover just what the truth really is.

Author Bio:

Jonny Thompson is a writer and performer living in Ponamogoatitjg/Dartmouth, NS with his partner Hilary and their delightfully entertaining dog Henry. Jonny was born in England and grew up in the traditional lands of the Anishinabewaki and Attiwonderonk nations now St. Marys, Ontario. Jonny attended Dalhousie University, where he received a BA in Theatre. He’s worked professionally for over 12 years, including 5 years performing young audience puppet shows worldwide with Mermaid Theatre of NS. He’s also worked on various stage and television productions and has written and directed a couple of short films. Over the past few years, Jonny has been exploring the world of novel writing and he is excited to share with you some of the stories he’s been developing. Thank you for reading!

Author Links: 

Website | Twitter | Instagram


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Blog Tour: Ghost Agents Trilogy

Ghost Agents Trilogy

Nita DeBorde
July 31, 2021
Mabelonia Press

Goodreads | Amazon

Ghost Agents is a genre-defying, cozy paranormal mystery, with a little sci-fi, romance, and Texas history thrown into the mix. 

An organization that has operated in secret for centuries… a mystery that threatens to burn it all to the ground… and she’s the only agent who can stop it…

To the residents and tourists of Galveston Island, Claire Abelard is the friendly young woman who works at the local candy store by day and leads ghost tours of the island’s haunted locations by night. They don’t realize this persona is a cover for Claire’s real job as an agent of the Bureau for Historical Preservation, a clandestine organization that monitors and assists energy projections, or the entities more commonly known as “ghosts.”

When projections begin disappearing from around the island, Claire worries that history may be repeating itself. She launches a dangerous investigation and uncovers a sinister, arcane organization whose agenda threatens not only Galveston’s ghosts, but everything she has worked her whole life to protect.

The truth behind the disappearances rocks Claire’s world to its core and shows her that ghosts aren’t the only things that can come back to haunt you.

Author Bio:

Nita DeBorde is a published author and teacher from Houston, TX. Writing and teaching are her two major passions, though traveling and being dog-mom to a crazy Staffordshire-Boxer mix named Mabel are high on the list as well.

Nita has taught high school French for more than 20 years and absolutely loves her “day job” job (about 95% of the time). She loves to travel, and not surprisingly, France is her favorite destination, though her home state of Texas runs a close second.

She is also a huge history buff, which comes through in her fiction writing, and particularly in her latest novel, Ghost Agents, a genre-defying, cozy paranormal mystery with a little sci-fi and romance thrown into the mix. Ghost Agents: Revelations, the second book in the Ghost Agents Trilogy, is slated for release in march of 2022.

To stay up to date with new releases and other news, sign up for Nita’s email list.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon


Blog Tour: Real Women Of The Regency

Real Women Of The Regency: Romance, Affairs, Fashion, Authors to Actresses & Women Leaders
Leah Gail

Amazon |

Step into the incredible real-life stories of the women who defined the Regency.

Real Women Of The Regency will spark your curiosity and provide valuable insights into the cultural, historical, and social changes that rocked the early 19th century.

An exploration into the remarkable women who shaped the Regency period, this book offers readers a thoughtful glimpse into the authors, actresses, artists, and women leaders who made enormous waves in an era of radical upheaval and political change. The often-overlooked contributions of black women of the Regency, and the hidden world of lesbians. And not to miss the rules of romance to the scandalous affairs.

Artfully written with engaging prose and insights into the real lives and legacies of great women. Here are just a few of the women you will find inside;

  • Elizabeth Lamb, one of the most influential of the political hostesses of the Regency.
  • Letitia Elizabeth Landon, one of the most prolific writers of the era.
  • Dido Elizabeth Belle, born into slavery and became a British heiress.
  • Mary Shelley, a novelist who wrote the Gothic novel ‘Frankenstein’.
  • Elizabeth Fry, created the association for the improvement of female prisoners.
  • Anne Lister, the first modern lesbian.
  • Eleanor Coade, known for manufacturing neoclassical statues.
  • Jane Austen, an English novelist primarily known for her six major novels.
  • Mary Prince, an abolitionist and autobiographer.
  • Lady Caroline Lamb, Anglo-Irish aristocrat, novelist and known affair with Lord Byron.
  • Jane Harley, an English noblewoman, and another lover of Lord Byron.
  • Sarah Siddons, one of the greatest English actresses.

This book reflects on the immense beauty and culture that we can find in this amazing period, along with the female pioneers who pushed for change and helped usher forth advancements in art, literature, fashion, politics, and much more. Real Women Of The Regencyis a must-read for fans of Regency films and literature, history buffs, and anybody who wants to gain a deeper appreciation for these period-defining women.

Are you ready to uncover the stories behind the women of the Regency? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!

Author Bio:

Leah Gail is a Marketeer, Entrepreneur and Author living in The Cotswolds, UK with her dog Lando the Cockapoo. Leah’s background is in Music Marketing and having worked in an industry with very few women at the top spent the majority of her time mentoring other women to reach their potential. Leah has also been enlisted into the Women In Music Roll Of Honour which recognises game changers within the industry and has helped other women reach their potential.

Leah loves to write books about women for women and also has a keen interest in nature and the environment and of course music.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest 

Real Women of The Regency

Blog Tour: Family Curse

Family Curse
Tenacity Plys

Bottlecap Press
January 1, 2022

Amazon |

They say in town that every generation, fairies lure a member of Virgil’s family into the local woods, never to be seen again. Virgil doesn’t really care about that; they’re just squatting at their aunt’s vacant house during quarantine. But one night, they’re awoken by a knocking at the back door that leads them into a tangle of family secrets, and a mystery that’s as heartbreaking as it is chilling.

To avoid disappearing themself, Virgil has to piece together journal entries from three generations of their relatives, who all spent their lives wondering why their siblings were taken. If Virgil can solve the puzzle, they won’t just save themselves — they’ll put more than a hundred years’ worth of family history to rest. This story of a neurodivergent family’s struggle to understand themselves is by turns spooky, funny, sad, and hopeful despite everything.

“With a measure of strangeness and a measure of humor, Plys artfully deconstructs a family curse. The reader is left with troubling questions: what does it mean to be alien, estranged, lost in the woods — even amongst one’s own family?”

—Germ Lynn, author of Pressured Speech

Author Bio:

Tenacity Plys is a nonbinary autistic writer based in Brooklyn, with publications in HobartEthelBullshit LitAlien BuddhaWord Gathering, and Pif Magazine. Xir Pushcart-nominated story “I Love My AI Son” will be featured in Alien Buddha’s Best of 2022 anthology at the end of this year.

Xe has also had short films screen at over 20 film festivals, including at Anthology Film Archives in New York! You can find more of xir work through xir Twitter, @tenacity_plys, or website,!

Author Links:

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Family Curse, Tenacity Plys

Blog Tour: Sword and Sorcery

Sword and Sorcery: Frostfire   
Ethan Avery

Stories By Storytellers
April 22, 2022

Amazon | Goodreads | B&N | IndieBound 

“Avery’s buoyant, character-driven debut… brings a fresh class consciousness to high fantasy.” —Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Reviews

If you could change your life by trusting in a stranger… would you?

Erevan has a problem. He grew up on the unforgiving streets of Bogudos and has the scars to prove it. His friend, however, is stuck in jail because of his mistake. But when a suspicious courier offers him a chance to fix things, should he lift his sword and journey across treacherous lands to aid her cause?

Meanwhile, Aireyal has been accepted into the wealthiest and most prestigious magical school in all the land. There’s just one problem. She can’t do magic. But that’s far from the only secret within the walls of Darr-Kamo. And what she discovers might just change the world.

Swordsman & Sorcerer
Scholar & Spiritualist

All four have enemies. And all four need help to get what they want. But help is never free.

Meet the Author

Ethan Avery believes in the power of stories.

As a child growing up in Ohio, they gave him a chance to see a bigger world, and to hear what life was like for people that didn’t look like him or believe what he did. And now, years later, he hopes to do the same for others. When he’s not writing novels, directing movies, or wasting other people’s time with his YouTube channel, Ethan plays video games (poorly), basketball (painfully), and D&D (problematically with praiseworthy peers). Send him a tweet @StoriesByEthan, he loves nerding out!

Twitter | Youtube | Website 


Giveaway! Gods on Trial: Beyond the Father (Book 1)

Gods on Trial: Beyond the Father
Opëshum Patroz

1iR3 Publishers, LLC

Goodreads | Amazon | Website | Twitter

“Beyond the Father” sets the scene for the 8-book Sci-Fi Epic “gods on Trial: The Series,” delving into life’s determination to transcend all limitation. Set on the planet Xżyber, citizens of the Sub-Median Region, imperfectly reborn into metal, oppress those who are organic. Elsewhere, in the Central Kingdom, religion supports royalty’s brutal domination of the lowest class. War over scarce resources is coming, revolution within each region is brewing, and none know of the eccentric god who created them. This being watches, has fascinating conversations with his often-wiser companion, occasionally learns, and rarely intervenes. The many levels and threads of struggle distract nearly all from a far greater threat. Meanwhile, the young Prince Anglid’s vision quest into the unexplored Area X may ultimately change everything. However, just when you think you know the direction of the story, the author has yet another surprise.

Gods on Trial: Beyond the Father (Book 1)

Blog Tour: Nurse Florence

Nurse Florence

The Nurse Florence® series seeks to promote science and health among children and to help increase the health literacy levels of our society. With teamwork, inclusion, faith and perseverance, we can.

Website | Amazon | Goodreads

Sometimes it seems only a nurse can bring technical information down to an understanding that an ordinary person can grasp. The Nurse Florence® book series provides high quality medical information that even a child can grasp. By introducing young kids to correct terminology and science concepts at an early age, we can help increase our children’s health literacy level as well as help to prepare them for courses and jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We need more scientists so I hope that many children will enjoy this book series and consider a job involving science.

Books in the series include: How Do Our Fingernails Grow? How Do We Feel Dizzy? How Does Our Hair Grow? How Do We Smell Things? How Do We Hear Things? What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

Author Bio:

Michael Stephen Dow is married to Perla in Arizona and has 3 kids. Michael was on a path to attend medical school and then the events of September 11, 2001 occurred. Michael became angry at the terrorists and decided to join the US Air Force. He went through Officer Training School and then graduated specialized Navigator training to become an Electronic Warfare Officer. Michael deployed 6 times for the Global War on Terror between 2005 and 2009 with the EC-130H Compass Call mission. Michael medically retired in 2010 and then became an US Army contractor serving Wounded Warriors and ensuring they received all of their entitled benefits for 8 years.

Michael always had a love for science and the human body so he then used his GI bill to go through nursing school and graduated in August 2020. Michael now works as a Registered Nurse at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. Michael’s education is as follows: B.A. in Psychology from Auburn University in 1999, B.S. in Biology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2001, M.S. in Management from Troy University in 2010, Masters in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2017, and M.S. from the University of Arizona in 2020 through its 15 month accelerated Masters Entry to the Profession of Nursing program.

Michael is the Founder and Manager of Dow Creative Enterprises, LLC. His books have garnered the Silver Nautilus Book award in 2020 (Nurse Florence, Help I’m Bleeding) and an AwardWinning Finalist in the Religion category for the 2021 International Book Awards (A Prayer to Our Father in the Heavens: Possibly the Greatest Jewish Prayer of All Time).

Michael believes we will need the best of science and religion to successfully navigate ourselves, our civilization, through the future obstacles we will face. More information can be found at and Nurse Florence® is a federally registered trademark by Dow Creative Enterprises.

The Nurse Florence® series seeks to promote science and health among children and to help increase the health literacy levels of our society. With teamwork, inclusion, faith and perseverance, we can bravely face our problems and help each other reach our better selves as well as our best collective good.

Website | Amazon | Goodreads

Blog Tour: Mission Improbable

Mission Improbable: Vietnam (A Blanche Murninghan Mystery)
Nancy Nau Sullivan

Amazon | Goodreads

It’s 2003, nearly 30 years after the Vietnam War…Blanche “Bang” Murninghan is sitting on the dock of the Peel ‘n Eat Pier on Santa Maria Island, sipping an excellent draft and wiggling her fishing pole after an elusive sheepshead. It’s hot out and the sun is shining. She doesn’t see the woman eyeing her from the fishing hut—not until she appears at Blanche’s side and forever disrupts Blanche’s peaceful idyll in this quiet Gulf coast town.

The woman is Jean McMahon and she needs Blanche’s help—her amateur sleuthing skills have become local legend after she helped solve the murder of a friend and dodge some drug-dealing land developers. Jean needs a good dose of that Blanche determination and doggedness. It’s not a simple favor Jean asks. Will Blanche go to Vietnam with her and look for Jean’s mother?

It’s as if Jean has ripped a new hole in Blanche’s heart. Her father was killed in Vietnam, and she’s never gotten much history from her beloved grandmother and mother on the subject. Jean’s request grows on her. Blanche wants the truth…Blanche and Jean don’t stop once they land in Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, and ex-pat “Stick” Dahlkamp makes sure of that. They pick up the search together. The three cross the rice paddies on Stick’s Honda Dream to Ben Tre and My Tho, old stomping grounds for Stick, a former Ninth Infantry Division Riverine and now bar owner of the popular, The Follies. He’s got friends in jungle towns who might help, and indeed they do. And don’t. Blanche begins to wonder if he’s running them off the road.

They trace Jean’s mother’s steps around South Vietnam, to where she met Hank McMahon, an infantry scout with the old Americal division. They meet more than one shady character who thinks it better to let things lie, deep and peaceful, just the way that they were after the horror of war passed. But Blanche’s stubbornness beats down the door. She is looking for Jean’s mother, and following her father’s trail. He left without a trace. Or did he? Does anyone?

About the Author:

Nancy Nau Sullivan’s SAVING TUNA STREET was a finalist for Foreword’s INDIES mystery of 2020. Third in the series, MISSION IMPROBABLE: VIETNAM launches June 25. Second in the series, TROUBLE DOWN MEXICO WAY (June 2021). She is also author of THE BOYS OF ALPHA BLOCK (April 2021) and an award-winning memoir, THE LAST CADILLAC. A former newspaper journalist, Nancy taught English at a Florida boys’ prison, in Argentina, and in the Peace Corps in Mexico. She lives in Northwest Indiana and, often, anywhere near water.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram