Giveaway! Gods on Trial: Beyond the Father (Book 1)

Gods on Trial: Beyond the Father
Opëshum Patroz

1iR3 Publishers, LLC

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“Beyond the Father” sets the scene for the 8-book Sci-Fi Epic “gods on Trial: The Series,” delving into life’s determination to transcend all limitation. Set on the planet Xżyber, citizens of the Sub-Median Region, imperfectly reborn into metal, oppress those who are organic. Elsewhere, in the Central Kingdom, religion supports royalty’s brutal domination of the lowest class. War over scarce resources is coming, revolution within each region is brewing, and none know of the eccentric god who created them. This being watches, has fascinating conversations with his often-wiser companion, occasionally learns, and rarely intervenes. The many levels and threads of struggle distract nearly all from a far greater threat. Meanwhile, the young Prince Anglid’s vision quest into the unexplored Area X may ultimately change everything. However, just when you think you know the direction of the story, the author has yet another surprise.

Gods on Trial: Beyond the Father (Book 1)

44 thoughts on “Giveaway! Gods on Trial: Beyond the Father (Book 1)

  1. Happy Book Birthday, Opëshum, your book sounds like a fascinating and exciting read for me and I like the cover! Good luck with your book and the tour!
    Thanks for sharing it with me and have a spectacular week!

    1. Antoinette-
      I am so happy you are joining in on this series. Welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy the journey this will take you on over the next few years!

    1. Thank you Nova!!
      The publisher representing me has an art collective on staff, and they created my book cover after months of reading and analyzing the symbols and themes in the story. I love what they did, and I am thrilled to hear that it resonates with you!!

  2. This sounds like something I would love to read on a nice rainy day. I am excited to see what this book has to offer!

    1. Heather,
      Thank you so much for this! It was fantastic to write Book 1, and I continue to pray my readers will resonate with the subject and treatment of the story. I hope you like it 🙂

  3. Happy Book Birthday and so loving this cover to this book here, looking forward to reading this.

  4. Thank you all so very much!! Book 1 of gods on Trial: The Series™️ was a labor of love 💜 and I so look forward to welcoming you all into my circle of fans, as you embark on your journey with the Xżyberians. WELCOME ABOARD!

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