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Are you looking to promote your book, get reviews and eyes on your writing, look no further! We offer a variety of promotions, our most popular option being a 5 day blog tour.

What is a blog tour?

Our most popular option for book promotion is a blog tour. This includes a variety of bookstagrammers and bloggers sharing your book with reviews, author interviews, guest posts and creative posts. This is done over 5 days where reviewers commit to posting on a select date. Tours start at $225. We organize every detail of the tour, communicate with the hosts and create the graphics. Fill out the form below or email us to get started.

See our past blog tours to see an example of campaigns we create.

Other promotional campaigns include:

  • One day book blitz
  • Birthday book blitz
  • Cover reveal
  • Pub day push

🎄 Holiday Book Showcase 🎄 

Spots now open! Join in our holiday campaign, limited space, review spots start at $125  


Other Services

Our Netgalley Coop – list your book on Netgalley with our help and support (ideal for books that haven’t been published yet, one month is $80)

Graphic Design Services – We create images for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Additionally we can turn written reviews into beautiful images for you to share on your social media accounts. (Pricing varies)

We are always happy to discuss creative and fun ways tailored to you and your book specifically. If you have something in mind or any questions please email us here to get started.

Contact us today to discuss promoting your book!

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