Tales From Grimlock

Tales From Grimlock Cove
Oscar Whiting

Whiting Publishing LLC
October 14, 2023
262 pages
Suspense Thriller

Amazon | Goodreads

A collections of thrilling, new short stories and novellas. Paranormal tales from the quiet town of Grimlock Cove.

“Unforgettable…” (Kevin P.)

“Too scary to read at night…” (Emily T.)

“I couldn’t put it down…” (Dalita M.S.)

It’s a funny thing how houses of healing make room for the dead. Churches have their graveyards; hospitals have their morgues. After an accident, Dex Maddox fights to regain his hearing, but as he recovers, he finds something sinister at Grimlock Memorial Hospital: a creature is stalking him from the shadows.

Mei finds herself on an empty red-eye flight with only a peculiar flight attendant and an unsettling stranger with a violent past. An otherworldly ally reaches out for her, but will Mei survive the red-eye to nowhere?

As D’Andre scrolls through selfies of his best friend Chonks and his girlfriend Amber, he sees a stranger step into the photos. Death ensues, and D’Andre scrambles to save who he can from the stranger in his phone.

Discover a small town where dreams blur with reality, new worlds open up, and evil steps out of the shadows. These are the tales from Grimlock Cove.

Meet the Author, Oscar Whiting: 

I’m an author of paranormal suspense, horror, and fantasy. I started with poetry, worked as a songwriter, and fell in love with writing speculative fiction. I love traveling, making music, movie nights with my wife and dogs, and game nights with friends.

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Tales from Grimlock Cove Giveaway

Blog Tour: A Delicate Marriage

A Delicate Marriage  
Margarita Barresi

October 10, 2023
Atmosphere Press
352 pages

Bookshop.org | Goodreads | Amazon

From glittering ballrooms to verdant mountains to poverty-stricken slums, A Delicate Marriage takes the reader on a vivid tour of Puerto Rico forty years after becoming a U.S. colony, a time of great change and political turmoil on the island.

Isabela, a wealthy woman, sacrifices her artistic aspirations to marry Marco, a penniless man dedicated to improving conditions on the island. As the island’s insular government enacts pro-U.S. policies, Marco builds a real estate empire while struggling to maintain his populist principles. Meanwhile, Isabela feels unfulfilled in her traditional role as a wife and mother and becomes disillusioned with Marco’s shifting moral compass. She begins to identify with anti-U.S. factions, leading a dangerous double life that puts her family in peril.

As political violence threatens their paradise, Isabela and Marco question whether their marriage, like the island’s relationship with the U.S., should continue. Margarita Barresi’s debut novel celebrates Puerto Rican culture while delving into themes of class, oppression, and the effects of colonialism through the lens of a marriage.

Author: Margarita Barresi

Raised in Puerto Rico by her grandparents, Margarita Barresi grew up hearing stories about the “good old days”—the genesis for A Delicate Marriage, her first novel. She studied public relations at Boston University, and after a successful career in marketing communications, now devotes her time to writing. Her essays have been published in several literary magazines and compilations. Margarita has two grown daughters and lives in the Boston suburbs with her husband and two Puerto Rican cats, Luna and Rico.

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Book Spotlight: Dark Obsessions

Dark Obsessions
Delphine McClelland

June 26, 2022
Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
278 Pages

Goodreads | Bookshop.org | Amazon

Skylar was a Montgomery and with that came power and prestige among the wealthy in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the outside looking in, she had it all, the perfect life. For Skylar, being a Montgomery, a socialite, was not who she wanted to be. Skylar was different, she was weird and a bit of a dreamer. For as long as she could remember, she had an obsession with the supernatural world. Vampires were her favorite of all the supernatural creatures and she could not get enough of them. She read almost every book, watched every movie, and even wished they were real because she had dreams of becoming one. On the annual Montgomery Family Vacation, Skylar’s world was turned upside down. Her life was further changed the moment she laid eyes on him. He was the most intriguing and striking man that she had ever seen. In one night, he would change Skylar’s world forever.

Kairo was in need of a change. After living for over 300 years and always staying one step ahead of the Council of Truth Seekers, a vigilante group whose sole mission in life was to kill all supernaturals. Kairo needed a new scene away from it all. Along his travels, he heard that Charlotte was becoming an epicenter of fun. It was a city full of life and the perfect place for a vampire to hunt without the watchful eye of the Council. From the moment that Kairo stepped foot in Charlotte things were very different for him. The city made every fiber of his being come alive with an energy unlike anything that he had ever known. Kairo would find the source of that energy no matter what it cost him and when he did, his world would change forever.

Winner in the Romance Paranormal/Supernatural category of The 2022 American Fiction Awards

Author Bio:
Delphine McClelland was born in Statesville, North Carolina where she is a graduate of Statesville Senior High School. After graduating from high school she took her dreams and passions to Knoxville, Tennessee where she attended and graduated from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Anthropology. Her career path was set until life happened and on the advice of a co-worker she took her passion for reading and channeled it into writing her first novel Dark Obsessions. For more about Delphine check out her website at www.delphinemcclelland.com.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 




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Blog Tour: What A Christmas Kerfuffle

What A Christmas Kerfuffle
Mary Buchanan

June 3, 2022
Mary Wells Buchanan LLC
177 pages

Amazon | Goodreads

Liz Bradford learned caution the hard way. Having been burnt once in love’s game, the successful business woman isn’t interested in playing again. Brave and independent, Liz is also well aware of the dangers offered to a woman traveling alone through the modern world. So, when she meets a handsome stranger on the train home, she’s perfectly willing to talk and even flirt… under a name that isn’t her own.

Max Harvelle’s first marriage soured him on the entire institution, but it didn’t turn him into a monk. Meeting the beautiful and intriguing “Sarah” on the train soon has him reconsidering his anti-woman sentiments. The thought of spending more time with her makes the obligatory family Christmas at the Bradford Inn – a place with painful memories for him – look almost promising.

But when conniving ex’s, meddling mothers and a seriously misguided bellhop turned wanna-be detective intrude on the budding relationship, can the romance survive the comedy of errors that follows?

From mistaken identities and greedy former love interests to false murder accusations and interfering, grandbaby-fever driven moms, Max and Liz will have to fight hard, face their fears, and overcome their past pain to find each other and the love they both deserve.

Mary is a retired educator. She graduated from Florida State University and Nova Southeastern University. She worked at the primary, middle, and high school levels. She served as adjunct faculty at the community college and university levels. Throughout her career, she motivated students to follow their dreams and “Make an A every day!”.

When she retired, she focused on her personal goal of writing. Since she lacked culinary skills, Mary created a cookbook designed for people who don’t know how to cook. After its publication, she tackled her next goal. The Wildflowers of Madison County is her first novel. The sweet romance story is the first in the Madison County series.
Facebook | Website

What a Christmas Kerfuffle Giveaway

Blog Tour: The Island Country

The Island Country
Richard Daub

June 23, 2023
Clay Road Press
213 pages

Goodreads | Bookshop.org

Long Island, New York, just after World War II, when the country was great for some and not so great for others, home to the Smith family: Philip, a racist Nassau County detective with a secret; his mentally ill wife, Eunice, speeding around the house looking for her coffee can of prescription pills; their oldest son, Philip Jr., aspiring pastor and budding monster; daughter Joyce, with a serious artistic talent that, in the great mall culture, she doesn’t know what to do with; and Oscar, an obese child who wants nothing more than to be a fireman when he grows up.

After surviving her own dysfunctional childhood, Joyce marries Roger, a beeraholic Customs Inspector with whom she would have two Griff, an enterprising lad fully comfortable on the other side of a line, and Stacy, a girl attuned to a dark frequency few can perceive. Decades go by, marriages fall apart, children long to escape, and Joyce struggles to find happiness in her art and life in the only place she would ever know.

Author Bio:

Richard Daub grew up on Long Island, New York, where he pilfered milk crates, loitered in bowling alleys, rumbled in shopping mall parking lots, stocked supermarket frozen foods aisles, played guitar, cruised nightclub parking lots for girls, wrote crappy song lyrics, and longed for the day he’d forever leave “Strong Island”.

He fled the Atlantic Northeast for the Pacific Northwest and, in the late 1990s, worked for a company named after a piranha-filled river that sold books on the World Wide Web, where he met his wife.

In the 2000s he became an inexperienced journalist and quickly rose to international prominence covering the animal pharmaceutical industry.

After toiling in journalism for a number of years and reminding himself that he was but an artist, the author began a career in real estate, selling condos in Harlem until the financial disaster of 2008.

The real estate market having collapsed, he took a factory job and moved with wife and child to Westchester County, New York. After several years of labor, husbanding, and childrearing, he began writing again, waking at 3:00 am until it was time to take the kids to school and go to work, eventually completing The Adventures of Hyperkid, a young adult novel written with his son. He then completed two adult novels, History of von Schatt (1913-1960) and The Island Country, as well as a collection of short stories, The Greater Massapequas—the kind of thing agents and publishers love most, short story collections from unknown writers. Take that to your fiction workshop and smoke it.

History of von Schatt is a novel inspired by a creepy painting hung on in his author’s grandmother’s Long Island home, a portrait of the ship captain grandfather he’d never met, a man so frightening that the author, as a boy, could see fear in the eyes of the grownups whenever they spoke of “The Captain”, who, by then, had been dead two decades, harrowing tales of land and sea they probably never imagined the boy would recall later in life as a toasted journalist.

The Island Country and The Greater Massapequas are drawn from the author’s experience growing up on the desolate, amber-lit streets and mall culture of the Long Island suburbs he longed to get as far from as possible without leaving the country.

He submitted these works to “literary agents”, leeches of a swine publishing industry just as bad, if not worse, than the music industry, the filmmaking industry, and the car rental industry. After recalling that definition of insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, he decided to heed the advice of other successful artists, to make it happen yourself.

The author would eventually realize that he could have written the greatest novel ever and he still would have gotten the same nonresponse. In his exhaustive research, he learned that there are precious few slots for titles from unknown literary writers, especially for those who didn’t hail from one of America’s leading “academic institutions”, or some “workshop” in the middle of a cornfield, or some academia that places undue relevance to the “The” before its name and has fraternities with secret handshakes and professors on the take.

The author, with several completed works in the can and crossing the threshold of fifty, old enough to have written on electric typewriters and word processors and computers with sensitive floppy disks, realized he did not need some promise of commercial success from the leeches and swine, and, that, as an artist, he needed to put his work out there and let the world decide, not some Manhattan socialite.

“It took me fifty years, but now it’s time to do it my way,” said the author recently at a sub-gala affair in south central Westchester County. “I’m not going to live long enough for the publishing industry and its gatekeepers to get their heads out of their ass. It is time to let the world decide.”

Website | Twitter

The Island Country Giveaway

Blog Tour: Gothic Revival

Gothic Revival 
Michael Mullin

March 14, 2023
242 pages

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookshop.org

Chris, Anne, Fiona, and Lauren were inseparable friends while earning MFAs in Creative Writing. Years later they’ve grown apart and are surprised to receive an invitation to a reunion from the fifth member of their group, Eric, a successful screenwriter. Eric flies them to a remote lake villa where he reveals his new obsession: their group is a modern version of the famous one from Villa Diodati in 1816, the iconic literary event during which Frankenstein was created. Chris and Anne are their Percy and Mary Shelley. The free-spirited artist Fiona is like Claire Clairmont. Instead of Dr. Polidori, they have Lauren, PhD in Victorian History. That leaves Eric, the Hollywood player, as Lord Byron. Like Byron, Eric proposes they write ghost stories, an homage to their famous predecessors. Laughter, creativity, and reminiscence are soon replaced with deceit, suspicion, and fear. What is the self-proclaimed clairvoyant Fiona seeing and hearing? Why does Eric lie? What does the creepy old housekeeper know about their host? Tensions grow as relationships are tested until a shocking discovery reveals the true intention for the reunion.

Author Bio: 

Michael is the author of Simon, a modern-day retelling of Hamlet, and the cult-hit trilogy of twisted fairytales titled TaleSpins. He’s a former college professor and preschool teacher who also spent years writing for Disney and other major studios. Michael lives in Pasadena, CA with his wonderful wife Dani and their cool dog Finn. Their twins, Sophie and Max, will soon be college graduates. In addition to writing, Michael is in the vintage collectibles & memorabilia business.

Website | Goodreads | Instagram | Twitter



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Blog Tour: Just Wide Enough for Two

Just Wide Enough For Two
Kacey M. Martin

November 11, 2022
Independently published
328 pages
Historical Fiction

Amazon | Goodreads | Bookshop.org

Everyone in Amherst, Massachusetts knows that Emily Dickinson is odd. But no one really knows her better than Susan Gilbert. Friends since childhood, Emily and Susan can always be seen walking arm and arm and sneaking off into the woods, though what they do alone out there, no one knows. But when Emily’s brother, Austin, takes a romantic interest in Susan, things begin to change for Emily as she starts to experience a feeling she doesn’t quite understand – jealousy.

When Susan Gilbert moves back to Amherst it becomes clear that her family has certain financial needs that need to be met. It also becomes clearer that the family is depending on Susan to meet those needs. A man like Austin Dickinson solves all of those problems. He’s handsome, kind, seemingly intelligent, and wealthy. The only issue? Susan is madly in love with his sister.

 Author Bio:

Kacey is a licensed attorney living in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the owner and founder of Gender Traitor, a small business dedicated to helping individuals “live life label free”. In her spare time, she can be found volunteering at Minute Man National Park, hiking, riding her bike, traveling, or visiting beautiful historic homes, just like Emily’s.

Website | Instagram



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Blog Tour: Blessing

Brian J. Twiddy
September 1
Tapping Frog Literary

Goodreads | Amazon

Two young illegal immigrants, Dev, with aspirations and irresistible charm, and Adey, his amoral friend, who negates difficulties for money, are brought to London. Dev is happy to bend the law, Adey to break it. Whilst Adey lives in the shadows, Dev chases his dream of a business empire. Fate, love and circumstance, aided by a dominating Pastor compromised over a Blessing passed down through the firstborn of a family for millennia, have other ideas.

Author Bio: 

Brian J Twiddy was born in Kent, where success in a national young people’s story competition sparked his interest. He has been an actor for many years, and following the establishing of Arty-Fact theatre company in 2001, with Yvonne Peacock, has written, a published series of 20 history playbooks, and 23 original plays and adaptations for young people.

Website | Instagram | Twitter





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Lisa H.

Running with Hounds… and an English Degree Blog Tour and Givaway!

Running with Hounds…and an English Degree

D.M. Roberts
April 24, 2022
265 pages

Amazon | Goodreads

The last place Denise wanted to land after college was back with her folks in her Podunk-nowhere hometown. With only retail experience on her resume, her writing accolades apparently mean nothing except student loan debt.

So when her parents say they’re moving to an adult living community where she’ll be sleeping on the couch, it’s the last straw. Putting her fruitless creative dreams aside, she interviews with a wealthy couple to watch their retired greyhounds. Sounds easy—until she has to win over their animal psychic and learn to cook steak for dogs. The hounds’ raucous antics only highlight how clueless she is at life as she struggles to not only control them, but the direction she’s headed.

That includes her love life. She meets Logan—hot, ambitious, a player—around the same time her twice-over ex, Alex, calls her, ready for a real relationship. Logan claims the world is her playground; Alex says everything she needs is right there. Not knowing what to do, Denise juggles dating both, falling further down an emotional rabbit hole.

Running toward a shady relationship, with retail hell looming, Denise has the summer to figure out her biggest herself. 

Author Bio:

D.M. Roberts is a full-time copy editor and weekend writer who self-published her first novel, Letting Go and Holding On in 2011. Her second novel, Running with Hounds…and an English Degree, was released in April 2022. Originally from Adams, MA, Roberts worked as a reporter and columnist for her hometown newspaper before moving to Worcester to be a copy editor for Gatehouse Media. When the company announced their plans to move, her boyfriend landed a position at Chapman University in Orange, CA, starting two weeks after her last day. So she embarked on a six-day cross-country road trip to reach their SoCal home. There, she works on whatever ideas pop into her head.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads


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Blog Tour: The Carolina Variant

The Carolina Variant
Brooke L French

June 22, 2023
Black Rose Writing
347 pages

Goodreads | Bookshop.org | Amazon

Tess Oliver’s memory is a killer.

When the lead that could save her law practice is destroyed in a suspicious fire, only her recollection of it remains. Tess can relive memories, but her gift comes at a cost. The last time she used it, she nearly died.

This time, she only takes a peek. A single moment spent in her memory of the defendant’s encoded document gives her a brutal migraine and a phone number.

Luke Broussard answers her call from the wreckage of a downed plane. His charter passenger is dead. A mutated virus seeps from the man’s broken cargo. And when rescuers take Luke to an Atlanta hospital, the virus comes with him.

Tess follows her lead to Luke and finds an instant connection. As they run from a psychopath who’ll stop at nothing to retrieve the document, the city falls apart around them. The code hidden in Tess’s mind may be the only thing that can keep the outbreak contained, but using her gift to decipher it could kill her. If the virus – or whoever engineered it – doesn’t get to her first.

Author Bio:
Brooke French is a recovering lawyer turned writer who lives with her husband and sons between Atlanta and Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. She spends most of her days gleefully researching and writing about fatal viruses, terrorism, and murder. 

Brooke is likely on numerous watch lists.

Website | Goodreads | Instagram | Facebook





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