Blog Tour: Wind

Ellen Dee Davidson

February 1, 2022
Luminare Press
182 Pages | |  |  B&N

A 5 Star Readers’ Favorite, Wind is high fantasy similar to classics like The Wizard of Oz, Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time, with a contemporary environmental twist spiced with bits of mythology. Katie’s adventures begin when both an emotional shake-up in her personal life and an actual earthquake shake her up and she finds herself on another world. Thrust into a dangerous initiation quest, Katie’s only chance to get home is to learn to accept herself and cooperate with an arrogant alien boy. On the journey, the two of them encounter all sorts of extraordinary characters including a shape-shifting tree spirit, water god, and nature devas. But will Katie discover her talent in time to find the elusive and ethereal Winged Ones—the only beings able to take them home?

About Ellen Dee Davidson: 

Being in wild nature fills me with joy and inspiration. I love to snorkel and swim with bright colored fish, climb mountains for an eagle’s view, and sit with the ancient redwood trees near my home in far Northern California. Most of my books share the beauty of nature in some way. Wild Path to the Sacred Heart is a forest bathing memoir that invites readers into an enchanted world. My newest children’s fantasy, Wind, is a page-flipper that dives wholeheartedly into the very real magic and intelligence of trees as well as taking readers on a swashbuckling adventure. I’ve worked as an elementary, creative writing and piano teacher as well as raising two daughters. 

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75 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Wind

  1. I like the part about being in nature. Forest bathing is something that restores my spirit by being amongst the trees which boosts immunity.

  2. I love fantasy books so this is something I would completely be interested in reading. I love to read every night so always looking for new books.

  3. Sounds like a very intriguing and captivating book. Thank you for hosting a fabulous giveaway.

  4. I can’t wait to read this because the cover is alluring as well as the preview and excerpt.

  5. You had me at similar to ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ I miss that style of writing in my library collection.

  6. The Wind sounds very interesting. I don’t usually read fantasy books but it would be amazing to try a new genre.

  7. I’d really like to win this book. The cover just spoke to me as soon as I saw it. I just plain like the title too. It all just makes me curious. Congratulations on WIND!

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