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The Assays of Ata
Book 1    

March 1, 2024
614 Pages
Genre: Fantasy Romance

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Book Summary:

Ata had become inured to these epithets – her self-directed labels cut much deeper:


Their accuracy rent to the bone… But all people had their roles to play and hers was one of secrecy and survival-driven destruction.

For the greater good.

Follow Ata’s travails through royal intrigues, violent invasions, and hard-forged alliances as she fights alongside friend and foe for the survival of the continent of Áitarbith. She questions old relationships and forges new ones whilst navigating treacherous courts and brutal battle landscapes, possibly finding love along the way.

In the face of an implacably ruthless enemy, as well as uncertainty as to who can be trusted, the final outcome of this struggle is anything but certain.

This is Book 1 of a trilogy titled The Chronicles of Áitarbith.

Author Bio:

Despite growing up in sunny South Africa within walking distance of the wide, sandy beach, K.I.S. was forever carrying a book around and hiding out of sight somewhere, getting lost in the drama on the page. To this day, her idea of perfection is a cup of tea, a comfortable armchair, and a good book (not breaking the bookish, nerdy stereotype at all). To complete this cosy picture, she is also an avid knitter and crocheter, with a definite penchant for cats.

Her first, full-length story was about two ducks that go on a farmyard adventure, bashed out on her mother’s old typewriter at the ripe old age of seven. An English teacher by trade, K.I.S. always envisioned herself as a writer but never got around to actually completing a story after her epic poultry caper… Until now.

Her greatest ambition, like Jo March, is to move beyond the (admittedly ever-supportive) readership of her sisters and family, and share her tales with others.

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32 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Assays of Ata

  1. I hope to add this to my reading pile. I have a huge collection. Books are my happen place. This will be one of them.

  2. You had me interested within the first couple sentences! As a writer myself, I am very impressed by your ability to capture the reader’s attention in such a quick and profound way!

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