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Killer Redemption 

B.D. Lawrence
May 31, 2022
JVR Publishing, LLC
310 pages

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To forsake his assassin life and start over with her, he must evade the FBI and the mob, who want him imprisoned or dead.

Lyle Hardgrave fights long-suppressed, life-threatening emotions. The mob’s top hitman impulsively kills his main client’s son and finds himself hunted by gangsters. Hardgrave meets the most amazing woman he’s ever known, and now he’s questioning his career and considering risking his life and hers to pursue love.

Hoping to fool the FBI and escape a mob death sentence, Hardgrave hatches a plan to disappear and start afresh with the incredible woman he’s fallen in love with. But the mob discovers Hardgrave’s relationship and targets the woman forcing Hardgrave to rescue her or lose her forever.

Will Hardgrave’s desires of a new life be shattered, or can he save the woman he loves before the mob terminates her?

Killer Redemption is an engrossing tale of one man’s journey to redemption. If you like a charming anti-hero, battles against organized crime, and risking it all for love then you’ll love BD Lawrence’s gripping suspense thriller. Buy Killer Redemption to experience triumph over evil today!

An Angel and a One-Armed Man: A One-Armed Detective Novel (The One-Armed Detective Series Book 1)

Once he’s found her, he needs to rescue her. But human traffickers fight over her and could kill him for interfering.

Lefty Bruder doesn’t know who to trust, and the wrong choice could end him. His client’s niece has been kidnapped and Bruder needs to understand the kidnapper’s endgame, so his intervention ensures both of their survival. The men who have his client’s niece rob a high-profile gangster starting a street war in which Bruder finds himself a target.

Discovering who all the players are, Bruder believes he knows how to retrieve the abducted girl. But the wronged gangster links the PI to his stolen cash and points his hired guns toward Bruder demanding the meddler’s death.

Can the one-armed private eye evade the killers, rescue the girl from the kidnappers and keep them both alive?

An Angel and a One-Armed Man is the engrossing first book in the One-Armed Detective private detective series. If you like edgy private eyes navigating a complex web of criminals while rescuing innocent victims, then you’ll love BD Lawrence’s intriguing private detective novel. Buy An Angel and a One-Armed Man and traverse the dark streets of human trafficking today!

Author Bio:

Favorite superheroes: Batman and The Punisher. Not himself imbued with super powers, he prefers superheroes also handicapped with only human abilities.

Some of his favorite movies: The Outlaw Josey Wales, Man on Fire, and the Star Wars collection. Oridinary people thrust into extraordinary situations. People seeking justice, or is it vengeance, yet finding redemption along the way.
Ironically, B.D. Lawrence’s worst subject in high school was English. But as an adult, sitting in a master’s level computer programming class, daydreaming about vigilantes, he decided to give writing a try. Four unpublished novels later (don’t worry, they’ll be reworked and will surface someday) he’s decided to plunge into the deep abyss of publishing. Well, book publishing anyway.

B.D. Lawrence has published more than twenty-five short stories some time ago in magazines that probably no longer exist. Many of these stories featured the themes of justice, vengeance, and redemption. Many of which will be available on this site, reworked and updated.

The Lefty Bruder novels center around a major worldwide problem that seems to get little press attention. Human Trafficking. Wanting to help in some way, B.D. Lawrence wants to give away half of his profits from Lefty Bruder book sales to organizations that help fight against this scourge.

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  1. thanks for hosting the giveaway! book sounds cool and it’s impressive that half the proceeds from sales are going to fight against human trafficking 😮

  2. My MIL had a brain aneurysm when my husband was 10. It paralyzed her on her one side but she still managed to walk in a brace, raise her four kids, keep a SUPER clean house, make dinner every night, learn to do EVERYTHING again differently, etc. She’s so impressive! I always tell her she did more with one arm tied around her back than most people did with four fully functional limbs. I wonder if she’d like reading about your one armed detective.

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