Blog Tour: Just Wide Enough for Two

Just Wide Enough For Two
Kacey M. Martin

November 11, 2022
Independently published
328 pages
Historical Fiction

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Everyone in Amherst, Massachusetts knows that Emily Dickinson is odd. But no one really knows her better than Susan Gilbert. Friends since childhood, Emily and Susan can always be seen walking arm and arm and sneaking off into the woods, though what they do alone out there, no one knows. But when Emily’s brother, Austin, takes a romantic interest in Susan, things begin to change for Emily as she starts to experience a feeling she doesn’t quite understand – jealousy.

When Susan Gilbert moves back to Amherst it becomes clear that her family has certain financial needs that need to be met. It also becomes clearer that the family is depending on Susan to meet those needs. A man like Austin Dickinson solves all of those problems. He’s handsome, kind, seemingly intelligent, and wealthy. The only issue? Susan is madly in love with his sister.

 Author Bio:

Kacey is a licensed attorney living in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the owner and founder of Gender Traitor, a small business dedicated to helping individuals “live life label free”. In her spare time, she can be found volunteering at Minute Man National Park, hiking, riding her bike, traveling, or visiting beautiful historic homes, just like Emily’s.

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