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Beginning of Arrogance
Bryan Cole

June 30, 2022
Ellwell Talent
418 pages

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Paladins are nothing but trouble. Stories about paladins are everywhere, noble warriors riding magic steeds into battle against terrible foes. Champions of their gods. Heroes to everyone, except those who already have everything. Paladins are notorious for upsetting the balance of power, to the detriment of any who don’t worship their deity.

So when Krell is called to service by the capricious god of the seas and skies, ReckNor, those with wealth and power can’t help but be concerned. ReckNor hasn’t called a paladin in years, and his nature is ever-changing and erratic. The fact that Krell is also an uneducated nobody with a stubborn streak as wide as the sea turns their concerns into fear.

All of which matters less than the threat clawing its way from the waves, ready to turn the ocean red with spilled blood… 

Author Bio: 

Bryan Cole is a long time fan of the fantasy and science fiction genres, having grown up reading and watching everything he could find in those domains. He has had a long career in the enterprise software space, delivering countless presentations and technical sessions to customers all over the world.

His love for stories about heroes, villains, magic, and dragons has never dimmed, and in 2022 published his first book is Beginning of Arrogance which is a story about what it means to be a paladin in a world where the gods are manifestly real.

Bryan is a complete optimist on the outside, believing that anyone can accomplish any task they set themselves to. He’d suggest that he’s a great example, since his first published book came out of nowhere to all of his friends and family!

It was a strange journey that led him to writing, but decades of building business presentations gave him a surprising amount of practice in crafting words and conveying emotion (an often overlooked aspect of selling), and he finally made the time in 2022 to take the hundreds of pages of random notes, stories, and adventure ideas he had and committed them to the page.

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  1. I always must admire anyone who actually puts quill to parchment and writes their fantasied novel! 😇

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